Individual Consumer Bankruptcy

Judson Carusone

If you are struggling with debts including medical bills, credit cards, car loans or mortgage payments, you may want to get information about your options for a personal bankruptcy. Did you have a serious illness that left you with unpaid bills? Did you lose your job and find yourself unable to make your regular monthly payments? Are the collection agencies calling repeatedly? Are you having trouble making your car or house payments?

Since the 1970’s, individuals have been allowed to file for bankruptcy protection. But the process has become more difficult and complex over the years. For people with credit card bills, medical debts or balances owing after an auto repossession, bankruptcy can give you your life back.

What To Expect During The Process

In the initial consultation, Mr. Carusone will cover the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13, and why one or the other might be better for you and your family. Essentially, this means determining whether you would qualify to file Chapter 7 or might have some reason that you should or would have to file Chapter 13 instead. A discharge in either kind of bankruptcy usually wipes out most of your debt and provides you a fresh financial start. And almost everyone who files bankruptcy keeps all of their assets.

Most cases are Chapter 7 “no asset” cases. That is because you are legally allowed to keep certain assets from your creditors based on “exemptions” in the law. But the available exemptions must be carefully analyzed to make sure you are protected as fully as possible under them. If you are under water every month on your living expenses and bills, Judson Carusone can help guide you through the complicated process of bankruptcy.

If you have assets that you can not exempt but still wish to keep, or you have mortgage problems, auto loan problems or tax debts, there are other options. Sometimes when you have these kind of financial issues, a Chapter 13 case, which allows a personal reorganization, is a better choice. This kind of case can restructure some debts and discharge other debts, so that you still get your fresh financial start. Understanding the differences between chapter 7 and chapter 13 and analyzing which would be better for you and your family requires the assistance of an experienced bankrupty attorney like Judson Carusone.

In the initial consultation, he will consider your situation and help answer your questions. He will explain how the bankruptcy process would automatically stop everyone who is trying to collect money from you, and ultimately will discharge most, if not all, of your debts so that they could never be collected from you.

What ever chapter is best, you will get direct personal representation to understand and explore your options from Mr. Carusone and the other legal professionals at Behrends, Carusone and Covington, Attorneys at Law PC. They know how difficult it can be to even think about having to file bankruptcy. His experience as a trusted bankruptcy lawyer makes him an excellent choice to get answers about your options. You need help to protect yourself and your family from aggressive debt collectors and the lawsuits, judgments and garnishments that can result when you can’t pay your bills.

We are a debt relief agency. We counsel clients according to federal bankruptcy code.