Client Reviews

Patience and Excellence Personified
Jud represented us in a foreclosure prevention case that he took over after our first lawyer retired. It was a long 8 years and a very hard-fought battle, but Jud was with us every step of the way and got us to an acceptable settlement. If I had to do it again, Jud is the only lawyer I would ever consider hiring.
-Lawana (5 star review)

Always Does the Right Thing

Mr. Carusone won for us against an out-of-state, high-priced attorney by being a better lawyer, researching case histories and doing the right thing. An amazing human being, father and husband, we were lucky to find him!
– Philip (5 star review)

Ethical and Committed

I was losing everything because of 9/11, and my then retiring attorney brought Jud in to save the situation I was in, which was complicated by an adverse proceeding in BK Court. Not only did Jud prevail in the proceeding, but he went on to win all of the litigationists’ appeals all the way to the 9th circuit court. He did this by being ethical and taking the high road, out-smarting and out-working the litigator at every turn. To this day, he is complimented by other attorneys for this land-mark case that even caused Oregon law to be changed. I am a business owner and have had many attorneys over the years, but Jud is by far the most understanding, capable, balanced, intelligent and problem-solving attorney I have ever known. I would recommend no-one above him.
– Katherine (5 star review)