Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Helps Oregon Farmers And Commercial Fishermen

Are you an Oregon farmer or Commercial fisherman who has fallen behind on your loan payments? Have you had one or more bad seasons that have put you further in debt? Do you feel like banks, lenders and creditors do not understand how your industry works? Chapter 12 is specifically designed to benefit you. Hard times for the farming or the fishing industry can mean threats of home foreclosure, motor vehicle repossession, boat and/or tractor repossession and of course general harassment by your creditors.

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Chapter 12 of the Bankruptcy Code was enacted in 1986 as an emergency response for family farmers suffering from tightened agricultural credit. It is now a permanent part of the Bankruptcy Code. Its approach blends the benefits of a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy with the increased flexibility of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy to create a unique set of tools and solutions for farmer and fishermen.

Chapter 12 is limited to family farmers or fishermen with regular annual income from farming or fishing. This bankruptcy chapter can be used by individuals, family partnerships orfamily owned corporations. Within 90 days of a bankruptcy filing, the Chapter 12 repayment plan is proposed. Creditors are treated in the Plan based on the type of debt, whether secured or unsecured, consumer or business. The Plan may propose paying all of your creditors what is owed to them or paying a portion of the debt and discharging the remainder.

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