Attorney Judson M. Carusone has been dedicated to the success of his clients for 25 years. He has used this impressive experience as a lawyer, and extensive knowledge of bankruptcy protections and foreclosure defense, to brighten the future for many Oregon families.

Direct, personal, effective representation for people or businesses with questions about bankruptcy.

Judson CarusoneProtection and help for people like you is built into the bankruptcy laws. So whether you personally are dealing with debt collectors or your business is struggling to handle its debts, the bankruptcy system may offer you debt relief, whether it is a fresh start under Chapter 7 or a reorganization or debt payment plan under Chapters 11,12 or 13.

Bankruptcy laws are complicated and an experienced bankruptcy attorney can help you evaluate all of your options, inside or outside of bankruptcy. Judson Carusone has the ability to provide the answers to your questions. His years of experience and personal approach to your financial problems make him an excellent choice if you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney.

If your business unable to pay its Creditors and Vendors? Or is your Business unable to pay you? Are you facing Lawsuits and Garnishments or Threatened with Home Foreclosure?

If you have been laid off or your business has no money to pay you, you likely haven’t been able to pay your bills. If you have large medical bills because you didn’t have health insurance or what you did have didn’t pay enough, you may be getting lots of phone calls from collection agencies.
If you weren’t able to pay your mortgage payments because of a loss of income, illness or injury, you may be getting threats of foreclosure.

If your business has been unable to pay its landlord, you may be getting eviction threats.

In each of these situations, the bankruptcy laws are on your side. You have options and hope for the future. You can have Judson Carusone and the legal team of professionals at Behrends, Carusone and Covington, Attorneys at Law PC on your side.

Judson Carusone will work tirelessly to protect your income, your assets and your business. He will help you save your home or help you get a fresh start so that you can rebuild your credit and return to a normal financial life, including buying a home someday.

If you are feeling like you are about to lose everything you have worked hard to acquire and you are desperate for legal advice and help, please contact us. Your initial consultation for a bankruptcy case is free and confidential. You will find it is comforting and reassuring to know that you or your business have options to help you deal with the financial challenges you are facing.

We are a debt relief agency. We counsel clients according to federal bankruptcy code.