Debt, Foreclosure, Creditor Rights, and Business Litigation

Through the course of everyday life, both personal and business, there may be cases when it is helpful to consult with an attorney. Mr. Carusone is here to assist both businesses and individuals with their unique legal needs including debt options, foreclosure assistance and business litigation. We understand that facing legal difficulties is never easy and we are here to act as an advocate for you.

  • FORECLOSURE PROTECTION– When a homeowner is facing foreclosure, they have certain rights to help guard against losing their homes. In some cases, it is possible to file bankruptcy to stop foreclosure actions to enable them to catch up on home payments or give them time to renegotiate their loans with the bank. The experienced attorneys at Behrends, Carusone & Covington are here to help.
  • DEBT SETTLEMENT – Sometimes filing a bankruptcy is not an option. But if you nonetheles need help managing your creditors. Mr. Carusone can advise you of your options. When needed, he can negotiate directly with the collection agents to obtain a reduced payoff or an affordable repayment plan.
  • BUSINESS LITIGATION– Whether you are dealing with a breach of contract issue, your intellectual property is at risk or you have a dispute with a contracted employee, Mr. Carusone can help you through the legal process. He understands that any type of business litigation can have a devastating impact on your business and knows your goal is to have the issues resolved as quickly as possible.
  • CREDITOR RIGHTS– Mr. Carusone can help creditors with various issues including determining if you should pursue a debtor who is filing bankruptcy, helping you challenge an automatic stay and when necessary, filing adversarial proceedings when you believe a debtor was acting fraudulently when securing credit.

While none of us ever anticipates the need for an attorney, sometimes life throws us a curve-ball that we must react to immediately. Facing legal challenges on your own is unnecessary; instead seek the assistance of Mr. Carusone. He is an attorney who has the experience dealing with the issues you are facing.

You can count on our legal team because we have the experience to help. Attorneys at Behrends, Carusone & Covington  have been serving clients all over Oregon since 1979 and can help you with bankruptcy, debt, foreclosure, creditor rights and more. Use the message form under the Contact Us tab or call us today at 541-344-7472 for help determining what steps would be most helpful for your individual case.